June's Top Fitness Tips and Upcoming Events

Summer is here!   Below are the top tips for June.  Be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook so you don't miss our on these training tips.  

Hydrate this summer. 

So you had a decent race, but you lost a lot of water and felt pretty baked. If the race was long enough, did you even bring water? How much did you bring? Do you even know your sweat rate?

A great way to find out is to train in the same conditions as your race, that includes running at the same intensity. Take in amounts you normally do before your run, but urinate and then weigh yourself before you head out. Run at race pace and then wipe yourself down and jump on your scale and weigh yourself again upon your return. How many pounds did you lose on your run? Multiply that number by 16 to know the ounces lost. Divide that number by the minutes you ran and you arrive at your sweat rate.

It's okay and even expected to be at a slight water deficit, but the longer the race is, the more detrimental a shortage can be. Don't let poor hydration hamper your amazing athletic efforts.

Minerals are important for recovery. 

The heat is on & did you know a tremendous amount of minerals can be lost in sweat, namely; sodium, calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium? Besides nutritional intake, topical mineral application is a fantastic way to replenish your depleted stores. Your skin being the largest organ of the body, acts to control your temperature, detoxify and create a barrier. This barrier is actually highly porous and enables absorption. As an example, magnesium is an essential mineral to the human body that is actively absorbed by the cells. Magnesium levels are influenced by sweat loss and are often cited in research in athletes that are deficient. If you suffer from frequent muscle cramps and spasms, this could be an indication of low levels. Many professional athletes have turned to Rock On Athletic Balm to recover from their daily training. This ritual is even more helpful in the warmer months. Make Rock On Athletic Balm part of your arsenal & be ready to rock your season!! 

Tight achilles slowing you down? 

Try instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to increase blood flow, interrupt pain receptors, reduce tissue viscosity and increase your flexibility. Use it with rock on clay athletic balm and you’ve got a great natural and effective way to improve function. See ya out there!

Where to find us in July!! 

Sinister 7, July 6-8, 2018, Crowsnest Pass, AB 

Stampede Road Race, July 8, 2018, Calgary, AB

Gran Fondo Penticton, July 8, 2018, Penticton, BC

Fish Creek 5 Peaks, July 14, 2018, Calgary, AB

Cypress Mt. 5 Peaks, July 15, 2018, West Vancouver, BC